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Lady Hustle Vision

Lady Hustle is committed to providing each athlete with quality opportunities to help her grow as a person, and athlete, to better meet the challenges of a rapidly changing softball arena. The team values competitive athletic and academic experiences that build self-esteem, a sense of responsibility, effective communication skills, and an appreciation for education and the tradition of softball. All participants shall exemplify impeccable integrity whether they are athletes, coaching staff, professionals or parent helpers. Together, we will create a tradition of leadership, individual and team achievements, and an intense pride and loyalty to the team and to the community as a whole.

Lady Hustle has been around for 30 years and has been a recognized name throughout the country. Their 18Gold team competed in high profile college showcases with teams like the Batbusters and competed in the 18 Gold Nationals, etc. Numerous Lady Hustle players have received college scholarships and are seeing the rewards of their hard work. In 2006, the softball team was put on hold so that the Double Diamond Sports Academy could go through a major expansion to better serve the needs of the growing softball community. The Double Diamond Sports Academy expansion has been a huge success and it is time to relaunch the Lady Hustle Softball team! Lady Hustle Fastpitch is an "A" level travel team which will be competing in tournaments all over the country. It is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed for the purpose of the benefit and development of young female athletes. This organization was established for girls from 12 to 18 years old with elite softball skills. Besides additional advancement in their athletic abilities, the goal of HUSTLE is to prepare the girls for the level of play that will open doors for them by getting them into colleges that they might not otherwise get into and be in a position to compete for college scholarships that are available. The ultimate goal is to teach them integrity, hard work, dedication, and other life skills that will insure that they become productive young women and leaders in our society. Unlike other softball programs, Lady Hustle encourages scholastic aptitude by requiring a minimum grade point average and has a network of tutors to help the players struggling in this area. Progress reports, time management skills, and counseling on the academic path needed to get into college is all overseen on an individual bases and monitored very closely. Hustle also focuses as much on the mental part of the game as the physical aspects. The sports psychology included in the training and the true team approach are both fairly unique to similar programs elsewhere. Furthermore, Hustle believes that the life skills that we focus on will prepare these young women to deal with adversities and challenges in all aspects of their lives. The team will also participate in social service activities throughout the bay area as we believe that it is important to give back to the community and show the girls how big of an impact they can have on others. Lady Hustle is based in Pleasanton/Livermore and includes athletes from throughout the East Bay and Tri-Valley Areas. Another unique aspect of the HUSTLE program is that we are continually seeking sponsors so that we can provide financial aid for existing players who have demonstrated a financial need. We have been successful in providing scholarships in the 2008 summer season and hope to be able to do so in the future. Come be a part of our Hustle family and experience something that is one of a kind!

Are you the Typical Fastpitch Player??

The Typical Fastpitch Player
By: Anonymous Author

At one time she looked cute as a button dressed in pink with ponytails. She had tea parties with her stuffed animals and dolls and helped Mom bake cookies. She had been, and always will be, Mommys and Daddys little girl.

Today the Fastpitch player still has those same little girl attributes. The only difference is now she looks cute in her slider and shorts. If she is wearing ribbons in her hair, they are the team colors. She has become Mommys and Daddys little hitter.

The Fastpitch player is proud of how dirty she can get. On a normal family dinner outing, she takes up to an hour primping to get ready, and she still feels somewhat self-conscious. However, between tournament games, she will strut into any restaurant with a streak of dirt across her face, ratted sweaty hair, a dirt stained shirt, bloody knees, brown socks(they used to be white) or brown toes with sandals and yell, LETS EAT!

The Fastpitch player is ready and willing to play at the drop of a hat! If she can get away with it, she will play on two teams (in the same day no less). She has an extensive wardrobe: several hundred t-shirts and boxer shorts from camps, leagues, and tournaments from around the country. When her parents say wear something nice, she thinks it means wear a tournament t-shirt without dirt stains. She has several old uniforms she has outgrown, but has not discarded because, well, you never know.

The Fastpitch player needs to get a scholarship, because her parents are broke from spending thousands of dollars paying for camps, batting lessons, pitching lessons, catching lessons, league fees, hotel rooms, out to eat between tournament games, concession stands, gloves, bats, etc., etc….

The Fastpitch player is a fierce competitor. She is willing to stand 40 feet away from a pitcher and take a pitch with a measured reaction time that even a major league baseball player would struggle to hit. She might only be 4ft 3in. and 75 pounds (soaking wet), but she will dig in at 3rd or 1st, 25 feet way from the batter, and challenge them to drive one down her throat. No mater what position she might play, no one can tell her softball is soft. She knows that throwing like a girl does not mean what it used to.

The Fastpitch player has spirit. She knows that a players ability to cheer can sometimes affect roster decisions. She will go home hoarse from cheering and rooting her team on into the final innings. She plays the sport for all the right reasons, because she loves the game. She could hang out at the mall, stay home and watch TV, or spend her summers at the pool. Instead, she has a tight schedule with limited free time, hangs out on the practice field with a coach in her face, and spends her weekends on a 95-degree field with no shade, waiting to get into the game.

The Fasptich player is diligent and hard working. She knows the value of hard work. She understands that you get out of something what you put in it. She is competitive and does not give up easily. She learns teamwork and spirit. Most of all she learns to respect all, and fear none.

The Fastpitch player dreams of double plays, slap bunts, sacrifice hits, and future gold. Regardless of all of sacrifice, the money, the occasional bad coach, and the little hardships like having to drink water that people have put their hands in, she has a lot of fun every summer...enough to make her come back each year. While she knows she will always be Daddys or Mommys little girl, she also knows that her destiny is to become tomorrows modern woman.