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Courtney Beaudin Commits to UCLA!

Lady Hustle 18 Gold's Courtney Beaudin is honored and proud to be committing to UCLA. She will graduate from Foothill High School in 2020.  Way to go Courtney! We are so proud of you!

Click Courtney's picture for information about UCLA and their softball program.

Kylie Roberts commits to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Lady Hustle 18 Gold's Kylie Roberts is so excited about committing to Embry-Riddle. She  will graduate from Livermore High School in 2019.  We are so proud of you!

Click Kylie's picture for information about Embry Riddle and their softball program.


Aleah Pagan Commits to Bates College

Aleah Plays for Lady Hustle 18 Gold and will graduate from Miramonte High School and looks forward to attending Bates College in Lewiston, Maine! We are so proud of you!

For more information about Bates College click on her picture!


Lady Hustle is excited to announce 12u Team!

Lady Hustle will be having a 12u team this Spring! 

Stay Tuned for tryout details and coach announcements! 

16 Scherer's Emily Montes Commits to Academy of the Arts

Emily Montes plays of the Lady Hustle 16 Scherer Team and will we attending the Academy of the Arts to continue her academic and athletic career. We are all so proud of you! 

To learn more about the Academy of the Arts and their softball program click on Emily's photo. 


Ayanna Sanchez commits to Chapman University!

Ayanna plays for Lady Hustle's 18 Gold Team and will continue her academic and athletic career with the Chapman Panthers! So excited for you!! 

For more information on Chapman and the Panther's softball program click on Ayanna's Picture! 

Taylor Lehner commits to Pomona-Pitzer

We are so excited to announce that Lady Hustle 18's Taylor Lehner will be graduating from College Park and moving on to Pomona-Pitzer!

For more information about Pomona and their softball program click on Taylor's Picture!


Paige Blackwell Commits to Pomona

Hustle's 18 Gold Player Paige Blackwell is excited about committing to the Pomona-Pitzer Softball Team! We are so proud of you!

Click on Paige's Picture for more information about the Sagehen's!


Hannah Brajkovich Commits to Pomona

Hannah Plays for Lady Hustle 18 Gold and will graduate from Northgate High School!! Congratulations Hannah! 

Click on Hannah's Picture to learn more about POMONA-PITZER'S SOFTBALL PROGRAM

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Lady Hustle 14U Castro Gives Back

By The Hustle Robot 10/29/2019, 9:30am PDT

Lady Hustle 14U Castro Volunteer Day

2019 Colorado Sparkler Juniors 14 Open Gold 3rd Place

By LHF Robot 07/08/2019, 2:15pm PDT

3rd Place at the 2019 Colorado Sparkler

East Bay Softball Coach of the Year: Teresa Borchard, Amador Valley

By Stacey Marchuk 07/08/2018, 11:30am PDT

“The biggest thing for the program was trying to teach hard work and accountability,” Borchard said. “Everything else followed from there.”

Emily Montes commits to Academy of Art University!

By 16's coaching staff 11/06/2017, 8:15pm PST

Lady Hustle 14U at PGF National

By Hustle 07/31/2017, 6:45am PDT

TCS 14U World Series 3rd Place

By Edgar Torres 07/15/2017, 5:30pm PDT

PGF Nationals 14U Premier Berth

By Edgar Torres 06/24/2017, 5:30pm PDT

Lady Hustle brings a new pitching coach onto the 18 Gold staff!

By Teresa Borchard 07/27/2016, 6:00pm PDT

Lauren "Ermi" Ermitano

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Displaying Results 1 - 10 of 28